An open letter to Kelly Ann Conway

Dear Ms. Conway,

A few days ago you stated you didn’t understand the point of the women’s march and asked, why instead, no one requested a dialog with you.  I take you at your word and would very much like to speak with you.  I know this will never happen so perhaps we can have a one sided conversation where I’ll talk and can listen.  Ready?

I think we both know that I fundamentally disagree with everything you say and do.  That’s a pretty hard hurdle to get over when wanting to have a “dialog.”  Your support of Trump, your inability to respond to even the easiest of questions with a straight answer, the indescribable gall it took for you to look in the camera and talk about alternative facts all make it very hard for me to even imagine speaking with you.

There is one thing though, one incredible unbreakable bond that we share.  And that one strand makes me think that I might be able to actually break through.  We are both moms.  You have four kids, I have two.  That’s six lives right there that we are responsible for.  I am not doubting you are a good mother.  I never speculate about anybody’s maternal abilities.  I do have some questions though.

Do you ever think about the mothers of refugee children?  Do you think about how soul wrenching it would be to watch your children starve to death, or freeze to death or get shot or drown?  Do you think about mothers who cannot, no matter what they do, protect their children?  I do.

Can you tell me what I could have done the morning after the election?  When my 11 year old daughter woke up and started crying?  How could I comfort an 11 year old who is crying because, in her words, “we live so close to DC and if Trump starts a war we will die.”  What is the right response to that?

What do I say to my son who doesn’t feel well but offers not to go to the doctor’s office because he thinks we no longer have health insurance?

How do I talk to my (Jewish) kids about the swastikas showing up in middle schools in my county. Middle schools!!!!

What do you and your kids talk about at dinner time or when you are tucking them in.  Do you teach them about honesty before going on the Sunday talk shows and talk about alternative facts?  Do you teach them to be kind before supporting executive orders that are based on blatant racism?  Did you teach them it’s sometimes better to be right than to win before you threw your support behind the most unqualified, undignified, hate filled candidate of all time?  Would you like your daughters to marry a man like Trump?  Would you like your sons to grow up to be a man like trump?

Be honest. There are no cameras here.  What do you think about while you are drifting off to sleep? Do you feel any responsibility?  Do you feel any shame?  Do you worry at all about what your kids will become?  How they will view you?  Because I think about that all the time.  I want my kids to be kind, to have empathy, to care about and fight injustice.  I want them to look up to me as an example.  I want them to be proud of me and to know I always tried my best.  I want them to know their mom spoke for those who could not speak, fought for those who could not fight and stood for those who could not stand.

I just wonder if you do too.

I’m available if you would like to respond.


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