Dear Sirs:

I thought you would be interested in a letter I just mailed to Orrin Hatch (Senate Finance Committee Chair).  For those who don’t know, the democratic  members of the committee boycotted the vote on two cabinet picks; Health and Human Services and Treasury.  They did not show up, hoping to delay the vote.  The rules require at least one member of the minority party to be present for the committee to vote on a nominee. But Hatch suspended the rules, allowing him to go around that requirement.   The letter went out moments ago.

Dear Mr. Hatch,

Having worked in a congressional office I know the chances of you actually receiving this letter are slim to none. But I feel I would be remiss in my responsibilities of a United States citizen if I did not at least try to get your attention.  I humbly ask the staffer reading this to do the right thing and  please pass it along.

Your actions today, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have forgotten not only that you are a representative of your constituents, but that you are a representative of the human race.  Your unmitigated gall at changing the rules last minute, voting without a full committee, on cabinet picks with legitimate shortcomings is beyond the pale.

You sir, are supposed to be a leader.  You are supposed to run this country with integrity, with dignity and with grace.  Instead we get this tweet from you “Rather than accept anything less than their desired outcome, our democratic colleagues chose to cower in the hallways.” Cower in the hallways.  How dare you?  How dare you insult those folks who are standing up for what they believe in?  How dare you act the bully when you and your party would not even deign to hold a hearing for Obama’s supreme court pick?  How dare you sir, when you were a member of the “shut down the Government” caucus because you didn’t get your way.  Hypocrisy is not a strong enough word to describe your abhorrent and repugnant behavior.

You are a disgrace to your constituents.  You are a disgrace to the entire populace.  You might have gotten your way this time, with your slimy tactics and your cheap ploys.   You might have won this battle.  You and your cronies can pat yourself on the back tonight and laugh about sticking it to the very people you were sworn to represent.

I don’t know if you believe in a higher power, my guess is you do when it is politically expedient.  I don’t know if you worry about being “judged” by your actions.  I don’t have the answer to that.  But I believe in accountability.  And I know that one day you will be cowering in your own metaphorical hallway when you realize the  consequences of your actions.

Power is fleeting.  The pendulum swings.


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