I’ve stopped laughing.

I’ve spent the last few days in a sort of suspended animation. I KNEW Trump was inaugurated but it felt like a bad dream.  I went to the Women’s March, but never really felt inspired.  I laughed at Trump’s buffoonery, shared jokey memes on social media and somehow thought I could get through this.  If I just make jokes about “alternative facts” than I would be able to sleep at night.  I mean who cares if he wants to fight over crowd size, right?

I already knew how bad his cabinet picks are, I knew how disrespectful he is to tradition, I know he has no business being in the White House but I wasn’t scared. Until today.  Because today was the day he went from being a schmuck to being a dictator.  And its only day 3.

Today Trump put a gag order on employees of the EPA and USDA. They are literally banned from communicating with the public.  No press releases, no social media, no reporting on their studies/findings.  They are banned from sharing the results of tax payer research with the public. Read that again.  Trump has ordered the complete and total censorship of Government agencies.  Agencies responsible for the PLANET! Agencies, like the USDA who, in their own words, is tasked with “finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Americans every day from field to table.”

There is no mincing words on this folks, this is a dictatorship.  What’s next?  We know he is already trying to delegitimize the press.  We know he is pulling out of world treaties on everything from climate to trade.  He is the abusive boyfriend who cuts off all avenues of communication to completely isolate his victim and cut off all hope.

So, now I am awake.  I am livid.  I am petrified.  And I am no longer laughing.

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