The Ignoramus in Chief

I just have to pipe in here.  I can forgive a lot of character traits but intended ignorance is not one of them. Especially in the President of the United States. His tirade today about voter fraud is driving me insane.  Even taking away the fact that it is not true, (oh I’m sorry, it’s alternative,) he doesn’t have a single clue what he is talking about.
I just heard him scream about all the dead people on the rolls.  And all the people registered in 2 states. (like his daughter Tiffany and his klan chief of staff Bannon.-true) . Yes, that is all correct.  BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE “VOTING”.  It just means that Joe Voter died in September 2016 and the list of registered voters wasn’t updated yet!  It means that Jane Doe moved in October 2016 and registered to vote in her new state. Her old state hasn’t purged the lists yet. DUH!!!
I still get e-mails from my daughter’s elementary school PTA.  She is in middle school now.  I am not illegally participating in 2 bake sales!  We still get mail for my deceased father in law.  He is not bringing his car in for an oil change any time soon.
 Albert Camus said “The evil that is in the world almost always comes from ignorance.” Donald Trump is incredibly ignorant and his followers are too.  They are both to blame for the mess we are in. And I can’t forgive any of them.

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